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Areas of Practice

Education and Special Education Law

Advocacy | IEPs | 504 Plans

Government Contracts

Bid Protests| Contract Compliance | Default Terminations

Family Law

Divorce | Custody | Child Support

Wills and Trusts

Wills | Power of Attorney | Advance Healthcare Directive | Estate Planning

Juvenile Law and Dependency

DHR Issues | Delinquency | Dependency


Permanent Residency | DACA | H-1B petitions | I-601 Waivers | I-751 Petitions | J-1 Waivers | Affirmative Asylum

Client Testimonials

I love Ms. Chasteen! My son was arrested for being stupid and hanging around people who were doing drugs, all of the kids were arrested and charged. Ms. Chasteen got his charges dropped! The other kids were not so lucky. I hope he has learned his lesson! She truly cares about her clients! She was down to earth and so easy to talk to. I would not hesitate to call her again if needed.

( Stephanie )

DHR took my baby and I called her. The National Advocates for Pregnant Women told me to call her I'm so glad I found her. She got my baby back immediately. I can never thank her enough!

( D. J. )

I am actually my Attorney's first trial case. Surprisingly she won! Not only did she win our case I was awarded way more then what I was expecting. My attorney sued a car dealership for unlawful repossession. It was a year long fight but we won. She is very easy to work with and also very professional hopefully there won't be any legal problems in my near future but if they are to happen I would definitely hire her as an attorney again

( Tia B. )

Ms. Chasteen went to court for me continuously, fighting the largest firm in the city and kicking their backsides everytime she walked in. I love her - If she moves, I will move with her - she is my attorney forever.

( Kimberly G. )

My Ex wife decided drugs were more important than family so I filed for divorce myself without the assistance of an attorney. Within 6 weeks of her being served she lost custody to DHR due to drugs. My Ex, with the help of her parents, hired an attorney and made accusations against me, using my children against me in the process. At this point I found Miss Chasteen and asked her to represent me. This was the best decision i could have made for me and my family it turns out. The case lasted 14 months. Throughout the process Miss Chasteen was a true advocate for me. She was a fairly new attorney but I would not have known this had she not told me. Her knowledge of the laws, policies, court system was outstanding. She always seemed to have time for me and my questions. At the end of the day, I gained sole custody of my 3 teenage children who had been in foster care the whole time. This is something that I had actually started to believe would never happen. It has been almost a year now since then and Miss Chasteen has called us on a couple occasions just to see how we were doing. Without hesitation I would have Miss Chasteen represent me in just about anything.

( George E. )

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