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Education Law

Issues that threaten a student’s education experience can occur at any school, for any reason. These issues can impair the student’s future quality of life. Potential earning power and career path opportunities are at stake for the student.

At Chasteen Law we represent cases in education law for students and parents. We understand the emotional nature and timeliness importance in the education issues that come up in the lives of our clients and ensure their rights are protected. We represent clients for cases involving:

Expulsion, Suspension and Discipline
Special Education Plans and IDEA
Due Process and Equal Protection
Free Speech
Search and Seizure
Issues involving Religion
Admission Processes
FERPA- Educational Records Privacy
Suspensions, Discipline, and Due Process

Many students and parents unexpectedly find themselves faced with a suspension, expulsion, or other act by a school that seems to be unfair and unwarranted. Many times, these actions by a school, college, or university can have significant and life-changing impacts on a person’s future. We have many years of experience of assessing whether a schools action is legally justified, and aggressively advocating and litigating for our clients when a school takes unfair and excessive actions.

More issues about special education and student rights are affecting clients today. As school districts struggle with tighter budgets, the possibility increases that students entitled to special education through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) may be denied the opportunity. In special education cases, we represent students and parents to ensure access to Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).

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